Cain Bio-Engineering Ltd. is the UK’s premier provider of environmentally friendly engineering solutions for all types of aquatic erosion, river restoration and river management problems, with a proven track record for delivering award-winning river restoration projects.

Cain Bio-Engineering’s key skills include the provision of consultancy, survey, design, construction and maintenance services in the field of aquatic bio-engineering and light civils. Many of our most successful and cost effective projects are undertaken on a design/construct basis.

We provide a range of river management and river engineering solutions to control bank erosion and have successfully delivered erosion protection in environmentally sensitive areas to protect roads, lakes, mills, bridges and other waterside structures.

Having been on the professional rivers circuit for 25 years, Cain Bio-Engineering are proud of our pioneering techniques and environmental heritage and continuously strive to be the best at what we do.

Our full website will be launched shortly, in the meantime please contact us for any enquiries.

t: 01725 467003

e: info@cainbioengineering.co.uk