Tidal & Coastal Case Studies

Cain Bio-Engineering have undertaken numerous tidal protection, enhancement, erosion control and management projects over the last 30 years. In our tidal case studies section you will find more information, photos, videos and documentation about some of our favourite projects.

Tidal Case Study: Tidal embankment stabilisation

by Matthew Irvine on January 16, 2015

Project type:  Tidal embankment stabilisation
Location:  Rye
Length:  260m
River:  River Rother
Client:  Environment Agency
Installation date:  Autumn 2014

Project brief

This project took place on the tidal section of the River Rother at Rye where large areas of the soft tidal flood embankments had been eroded due to prolonged high flows. The project involved 260 metres of bank stabilisation over three separate locations and was carried out on behalf of the Environment Agency.

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Project type:  Erosion control
Location:  Piddinghoe, Newhaven, East Sussex
Length:  50m brushwood bank protection
River:  Ouse
Client:  Environment Agency
Installation date:  April  2012

Project Brief

The River Ouse has large flood embankments on both banks for the majority of the tidal reach. This project focused on repairing a heavily eroded area of the chalk flood embankment.

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Tidal Case Study: Abbotsbury Swannery

by Jake Dew on October 12, 2012

Project type:  Erosion Control
Location:  Abbotsbury Swannery, Dorset
Length: 320m
River: Chesil Fleet
Client:  Strangways Enterprises
Installation date:  2012

Project Brief

The ancient dry stone wall which had once acted as a breakwater to protect the Swannery had fallen into disrepair. This resulted in frequent tidal inundation and loss of land behind the dilapidated wall. Consequently the bank margins of the decoy pond became heavily eroded which was exacerbated by the wildfowl population. High levels of siltation were recorded within in the decoy pond, and nationally important reed bed habitat was lost.

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Tidal Case Study: Erosion Control – Scots Float

by Cain Bio-Engineering on June 21, 2012

Project: Erosion Control
Project Location: Scots Float
River System: Rother Inter-Tidal Channel
Date of Installation: 2005

Project Brief

The project aims were to reinstate the failing flood embankment on a wide outside meander. Erosion was threatening significant areas of farming land and infrastructure in the tidal flood plain.

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Tidal Case Study: Purton Weir

by Cain Bio-Engineering on December 9, 2009

Project: Erosion Repair
Project Location: Purton, South Gloucestershire
River System: Sharpness Canal
Client: British Waterways May Gurney
Date of Installation: December 2009

Project Brief

When the re-commissioned sluice on the Sharpness Canal was first activated during the summer floods of 2007 to release excess water into the adjacent Severn Estuary the force of the discharge  eroded the adjacent SSSI foreshore and exposed the original Victorian spillway.

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