Chalk Stream Restoration

River Avon

Avon Chisenbury – II

In October 2009 Cain Bio-Engineering (CBE) implemented a 650m river restoration scheme on the upper Hampshire Avon at East Chisenbury in Wiltshire.

This was the second phase of ‘design/build’ work that CBE had undertaken on the Hampshire Avon at East Chisenbury for ‘Wessex Chalk Streams Project’, a partnership between the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England, the Environment Agency and Wessex Water plc.

The project focused on returning sinuosity and hydro-morphological function to this straightened and over widened river section which is believed to have been dredged for ‘Land Drainage Improvements’ in 1962.

This habitat creation scheme will benefit key BAP species including Water vole, indigenous brown trout, Bull head, Brook Lamprey and Ranunculus community.


Please see the video above for a project perspective by kind permission of Wessex Water.


Photos – The Hampshire Avon at Chisenbury following project completion

Hampshire Avon_chisenbury_ranunculus

Healthy Ranunculus on the River Avon.

Hampshire Avon_chisenbury_water_closeup

Well oxygenated water on the River Avon allowing Starwort and Ranunculus to thrive.



brown trout hampshire avon chisenbury

The result of a successful restoration project, a healthy brown trout and smiles all round!

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