bio-engineering consultancy

Bio-Engineering Services: Consultancy

The Cain Bio-Engineering team has an extensive working understanding of river processes, Civil engineering, bio-engineering structures, fisheries & ecology and have formed good working relationships with regulatory bodies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency.

We have a core team with diverse individual backgrounds, including environmental scientists, geographers, civil engineers and can provide a wide range of bio-engineering consultancy services including;

  •     Site appraisals
  •     Site surveys
  •     Feasibility studies.
  •     Investigations.
  •     Ecological surveys
  •     Protected species surveys

As the UK’s leading provider of environmentally friendly soft engineering solutions, we continue to set the industry standard.

Our consultants have a comprehensive understanding of  aquatic environmental factors whether it’s;

  •     Fluvial Geomorphology
  •     Hydraulic modelling
  •     Local habitat requirements
  •     Land drainage and flood risk
  •     Land usage and Access
  •     Protected Species
  •     Designated sites

Our Consultants undertake all necessary negotiations and submissions required to obtain  Environmental Permitting (formerly Flood Defence Consent (FDC)) from the Environment Agency  and planning permission from local authorities where required.

Cain Bio-Engineering has extensive experience in providing solutions appropriate for installation in Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Ramsar Sites.